Aoi Hayashi

I created my art with the theme of “shine” coming in from the window. The origin of the word “ILLUST” is “shine”.
The shine from outside the window is obstructed by the word “ILLUST” and we’ll find new things.

The interesting thing is, with ILLUST we are watching what should be an ordinary landscape, but we end up looking at it as if it was just a picture.

This work of is of girls floating on the sea. Girls seem to me to be unpredictable and thus similar to wave of the sea.
(Studying Modern Art at Graduate school and also researching human body control. Holding Solo exhibitions in Kobe and Kyoto.)

林 葵衣
ILLUST / girl

窓から入ってくる光を遮る現象をテーマにした作品。ILLUSTの語源である「光」 が、ILLUSTという文字の影によって遮られる現象によって見えてくるもの。