Motoki Tanaka

His work is drawn with the intent of contrasting gold and indigo blue color.
It may seem to us a flurry of falling cherry blossoms or the picture of a folding screen in the Azuchi Momoyama era. Despite the beauty or regality of the image,
this work is created entirely by the number “0”, a symbol of nothingness, the irony of which enhances our impression.
This attempts to show us the realty of the world around us. That beauty can have an unattractive aspect or that silence may let whispers been heard.

The artist hopes that will find beauty hidden in the usual and hopes his art will make this more apparent through his techniques.

(Mr. Tanaka is enrolled in a Doctorate Degree of arts and takes part in numerous various exhibitions, including one in New York last year.)

田中 幹
accumulation of zero-beautiful image:void-