Sakamoto/ Hosoi/ Morikawa

We designed the lamp with the concept of “from one to togetherness”.

The motif is a rose.
Roses have has various colors like red, white, yellow, orange, blue…. And their affect on people can change depending upon it’s color.

We hope IZNT will also show flexibility by changing its atmosphere depending on the situation, much like the rose. We hope this lamp will become a topic of conversation with people as upon closer inspection each of the petals can be separated from the lamp much like society and their individuals.

(All graduated art university and have varied experiences in working in their art forms.)

坂本 慧/細井 孝仁/森川 淳平


バラの花は、赤・白・黄色・オレンジ・青と、花びらの色でその意味が変化します。バラのように、「Bar iznt」のバー・パーティ・ウエディングとフレキシブルに変化する場所を、光の色の変化で演出できればと考えました。