6/30 Pirates of the Dotombori

Back for another round of hysterical bilingual comedy, the Pirates of the Dotombori will be onstage from 7 – 9pm on Saturday, June 30th with their newest presentation of KIOZBNET! (Please read between the letters…)

Laughter is the best medicine and this troupe is just what the doctor ordered. Their loud and crazy comedy will keep you in stitches and you may need to see the drink doctor.

¥1500 plus 1 free drink! See you there!

6/28 Iznt Wine Tasting Party

Come tempt your taste buds at our Thursday Wine Tasting Party!

The 28th of this month will feature wines from Spain. From 8 – 10pm you can learn about spanish wine while enjoying some of our delightful cuisine!

Good food, good friends…

7/2 Kobe Swing Night

Get caught up in the Mecha Kucha Swing Night on Monday, July 2!

Everyone’s favorite, Flavio Alves, will present lessons from 8-8:30 and the party will continue until 11:00!

¥1000 includes 1 free drink!

Come join us for the premiere Monday Night Mecha Kucha!